Getting a loan online is easier than ever -- but the process might give rise to some security concerns. How can you make absolutely sure that your identity isn't stolen while you're applying for loans online? This is especially worrisome if you're applying for multiple loans. But, in fact, most loan applications are extremely secure and there are additional ways that you can protect yourself.

Lock Down Your Credit Report

Before you look for loans online, you can call the three credit reporting bureaus and request that your credit report be locked. Locking your credit report doesn't mean that you can't acquire new credit, it merely means that the companies will seek to confirm with you every time you do request that your credit be pulled. In other words, no new loans, credit cards or other credit products can be opened up without specific confirmation from you. Many people lock their credit report regardless, just to make sure they're protected. Just do keep in mind that you'll need to verify your identity for each loan you apply for.

Create Unique Passwords for Each Site

Every time you apply for a new loan, it's likely that you will be creating some form of profile on a new site. Make sure you don't use the same passwords on each site, and don't use a password you've used before. Otherwise if your other account is compromised (such as an email account), the hacker will also know the password to your loan accounts. 

Always Look for Secure, Reputable Websites

Make sure you take some time to look up reviews and information regarding the loan and financing services that you're using. The site should also be a secured site -- you should be able to tell because the URL will start with "https" rather than "http" and you will see a locked icon next to the beginning of the URL. These websites have registered security certificates to show that they use a certain level of security standard and encryption, will prevent anyone from potentially skimming your personally identifiable information. 

If you're still worried about keeping your identity secure, make a mental note to check your credit report consistently after your loans are taken out. If you do notice any irregularities, you can get them fixed immediately to head off any issues. While identity theft can be frightening, it usually isn't significantly damaging as long as you act fast. For more tips about applying for loans online, contact a company like USA Cash Services.