When you are arrested for a crime and are offered bail, it is important to realize that that does not mean that you are free and clear to do whatever you want to do until you go to jail. There are certain things that must take place before you can be released on bail and certain things that you must do while you are out on bail. The following guide walks you through the ins and outs that you need to know about a bail bond.

Must Have a Cosigner

When you get a bail bond, you must have a cosigner that will vouch for you. The person is saying that they believe you will not flee or get into trouble when you are released. They will be responsible for the vehicle of the bond if you do not show up to court.

Cannot Do Drugs

When you are out on bond, you cannot do drugs of any kind. It is important to look at being out on bond as a break from being in jail. You should live your life the same way that you would be living it if you were in jail to ensure that you do not get yourself into trouble. Avoid drugs, alcohol, and any other illegal activity.

Must Check In Daily

You will have a bail bond agent assigned to your case. You need to call into the bail bond agent every day to let him or her know where you are at. If you fail to check in with the bond agent, he or she may come looking for you and throw you back into jail.

Can be Revoked

If the bond  thinks that you are a flight risk, they can revoke the bond and have you put back in jail to keep you from fleeing. This can be done at any time, if you fail to meet the specific details covered in the bail bond agreement. The bond agent may hire a bounty hunter to ensure that they are able to find you and release you to the jail so that you cannot run.

Now that you know these important facts about bail bonds, you will be able to keep your nose clean and meet all of the criteria that you need to meet so that you do not get sent back to jail. Staying out of trouble until your court date should not be too difficult as long as you keep yourself occupied with work or family life and stay away from any negative influences.  

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