If you are just starting out as a married adult and want to begin planning financially for your future, you are making a good decision. Planning for your financial future is easier and better when you start now instead of waiting, and here are three of the top things a financial planner might suggest for you to do.

Build an emergency fund

One of the first steps of financial planning involves setting up and building an emergency fund. This fund should be placed in an account that is easy to access, so you can withdraw money if you need it, and you should not touch the money in it unless it is truly for an emergency. You can start an emergency fund with a small amount of money, such as $100, but you should try to build up the balance as quickly as you can. You can choose the amount you would like to have in your emergency fund, and you can save until you reach that amount. A financial planner can help you determine a good amount to have in this account.

Pay off all the debt you have

As you are building your emergency fund, you should also be working on paying off debts you have. You do not have to necessarily work on paying off your home loan or car loans, but you should work on paying off medical bills and credit cards. If you have student loans or other types of debts, your financial planner will help you find a good way to get these paid off too. Having debt can prevent you from saving enough money, and debt can be costly. This is why it is always important to work on becoming debt-free.

Start working on your retirement portfolio

Once you have a good emergency fund in place and have paid off your debts, a financial planner can help you determine how to start saving for your retirement. This will usually involve saving a certain percentage of your income every paycheck. If you can do this consistently until you retire, you are likely to have a great retirement portfolio ready for you when you reach the age when you can stop working.

Following these three steps will help you achieve a bright future financially. If you would like help setting goals or finding ways to complete your goals, schedule a visit with a financial planning firm today.

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