Trying to defend yourself while dealing with incarceration is always challenging, especially for those arrested for domestic violence. Unfortunately, bail for those accused of domestic violence can be tricky. Read on to learn more.

Domestic Violence Realities

When law enforcement responds to reports of domestic violence, they tend to make an arrest. Heightened awareness of this crime in the past few years has prompted some authorities to institute policies calling for arrests to be made regardless of the wishes of the parties involved. The need to take action can prompt some arrests to be made in error. They might make an arrest when there was little to no evidence of a crime, or they may even haul the wrong person off to jail. Proving your innocence is better done from outside of the jail, and to do that you will need to be bailed out.

Bail and Domestic Violence

Not all crimes or situations call for bail to be granted. Violent crimes, in particular, can mean the accused has to await their day in court from behind bars. Bail is set based on several factors, including:

  1. The crime itself – Higher numbers of counts, the use of a weapon, serious injuries for the alleged victim, fleeing from law enforcement, and other related issues will affect your chances for bail.
  2. Your record – If you have more than one arrest on a similar violent charge, your chances for freedom are limited.

Unique Conditions

When bail is granted for domestic violence charges, it is more likely to be extremely expensive. Additionally, you can expect to be required to abide by more than the usual conditions. Bail conditions usually call for the accused to return for court dates and to stay out of trouble. Domestic violence conditions can mean you must stay away from the alleged victim in the case. That means a "no contact" order. You might be dealing with making new living arrangements, at least temporarily. Other common conditions to expect include wearing a locator device and checking in with the courts regularly.

Dealing With High Bail Costs

Most people lack the funds to pay the full cost of the bail in domestic violence situations. Fortunately, using a bail bonding company may help you attain freedom so that you can work on your case, work at your job, and be with your loved ones. These companies will bail you out of jail if you pay them a percentage of your total bail amount.

If you are in need of help, contact a company that offers bail bond services to learn more.