Payday loans offer one of the fastest ways to obtain some cash when you need it. One of the reasons people choose these loans is for the speed, but another reason is that they typically do not require credit checks. While you might not need good credit to get a payday loan, there might be some things that you do need. Here are three of the most common things that payday loan lenders ask for before approving and issuing loans.

1. Your Photo ID

A payday loan lender might not have a lot of requirements for approving loans, but they have some. One of the most basic ones is that you must prove your identity by presenting a state-issued ID. You can use your driver's license if you have one or a state ID card. The card you use must contain your current address, and it must prove that you are an adult. While you prove your identity with this card, the lender might also ask you to list a few references. The references you list are people the lender will contact if you do not repay the loan, so they should be people you are close to in your life.

2. Proof of Income

The next thing the lender will ask for is proof of income. If they loan you money, they want to ensure that you have a way to repay it. Do you have pay stubs you can submit? If not, do you have some other form of proof that you have income? You may be able to show your bank statements to show that you have income each month, but you can ask the lender what types of proof they accept.

3. A Bank Account

The lender will also ask for your bank account information, including the bank's name, routing number, and account number. Why does the lender want this, you might wonder? They want this information because they use it to deposit your funds. They might also use it to withdraw your balance on the loan due date. Most lenders require a bank account when offering a payday loan.

Do you have these three things? If you need some cash and can provide these things to a lender, you should have no trouble getting a payday loan. If you have questions about the loan terms or the amounts they offer, contact a payday loan lender today.