If you get charged with a DUI, you probably want to get out of jail and start turning your life around. You can with a bail bond, which is something you can do if you perform a couple of key actions with a bail bondsman.  

Explain the Legal Situation to Bondsman

There are a couple of ways you can approach getting a bail bond to get out of jail after being charged with a DUI. Rather than figuring out what path to go down, you should just tell a bail bondsman your legal situation. They've helped so many clients deal with similar circumstances, so they'll know what to do as soon as you give them the relevant information.

These details include your bail amount and when your court date is. They can then help you find the perfect bail bond option that makes the most sense for your current legal circumstances. Then you can move forward honoring your bail bond's terms with ease. 

Have Family Member Reach Out if You're Unable To

If you've already used your one phone call while in jail after being arrested for a DUI, then you may need to have your family member reach out to a bail bondsman. That's perfectly fine as long as they're willing to front the costs of the bond to help you get out of jail.

They can work with a bondsman and get your bond processed as quickly as possible. Then you just need to stay out of trouble and show up to the court to learn more about your fate. 

Take Time Choosing a Bail Bondsman

You can choose from many bail bondsmen in your area most likely, and this is great because it lets you find the perfect one for you. You just need to weigh local options carefully until you see what the best match is.

You can have your family research bail bondsmen to save you this extensive search. They can look over things like rates, experience levels, and bail bond options. Then they can give you recommendations that you can pursue to get out of jail quickly. 

If you get locked up for a DUI charge, you'll want to work with a bail bondsman if bail is an option. You just need to do what they say and have your family respond as quickly as possible. Then you can get out of jail.

Contact a local bail bond agency to explore more options.