A bank statement home loan is a loan that a retiree or a self-employed individual may seek. This type of loan does not require that traditional tax forms are submitted. Instead, a person's approval is based on how much money is routinely deposited into their bank account. 

Self-Employed Loans

A self-employed mortgage loan is also referred to as a 1099 loan or a bank statement mortgage loan. The approval for this type of loan relies heavily upon the bank statement that an applicant furnishes. If an individual can demonstrate their ability to pay back a loan, they may be approved for a loan.

The approval amount will be based off of an applicant's earnings and creditworthiness. Bank statement loan application reviews will not penalize someone for taking tax write-offs. An applicant may make more than what their tax return reflects, which will not have a bearing on being approved for a loan.

Verification Of Deposit

Verification of deposit is a legality that some lenders may require. When an applicant applies for a self-employment loan, they will be completing the introductory paperwork. A lender may require proof of a deposit through the banking institution that an applicant uses. The banking institution may print out monthly or annual records that reflect how much money a consumer has deposited into their checking account or savings account.


Although a self-employment loan can provide the proceeds needed to purchase a house, some lenders may use regulated financial guidelines that are more extreme than the guidelines associated with obtaining a traditional mortgage loan.

Because a self-employment loan isn't regulated in the same manner as a traditional mortgage loan, a lender can set up their own approval criteria. They may require a client to pay a higher down payment than what a traditional mortgage loan would require. They may also charge increased interest fees. If you decide to pursue a self-employment loan, speaking to a loan officer first is a good idea.

It is not a wise idea to borrow more money than what can comfortably be paid back. A loan officer will outline the loan programs that are offered. They will also provide details about refinancing options. if the amount that you will be required to pay back is steep, consider taking out a smaller loan. A smaller mortgage loan may be much easier for you to handle and will still allow you to experience home ownership.

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